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This is Qlick

What happens if you put motivated people with completely different backgrounds together? You soon feel a click. Anneliese Monden and Chantal Smedts are proof that unexpected combinations lead to great results. Together, they started Qlick in 2007, offering recognised coaching, personal development and training courses with a fresh perspective.
People grow when they have the right context in which to do so: an open atmosphere where borders and judgements fall away and creativity has free play. Qlick creates this context in a green, inspiring location and with a fresh, ground-breaking style. Qlick is …
  • Authentic.  Everyone has potential, and Qlick respects and admires this. Through authentic self-presentation, Chantal and Anneliese invite this same openness in others. Because anyone who presents their true self, is beautiful.
  • Supported.  Chantal and Anneliese are ICF certified coaches each bringing their own experience to the recognised coaching, personal development and training courses the company runs. Using their knowledge and experience, they build innovation into their business—and yours. Scroll down to see their officially recognised coaching accreditations and qualifications.
  • Refreshing. Qlick chooses curiosity, colour, humour and creativity. Dare to choose new paths and you’ll arrive at unexpected places. Qlick wants to awaken this in everyone who is open to it.
Anneliese and Chantal surrounded themselves with a team of enthusiastic and professional trainers and coaches.

Why choose an ICF-certified coach

The profession of coach is not protected. In other words, anyone can call themselves a coach. The International Coaching Federation is an internationally recognized organization that has established standards and guidelines within this domain to guarantee the quality of the coaching services offered. ICF-certified coaches are professional coaches who meet strict requirements in terms of training and experience. They have a thorough knowledge of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession. In addition, ICF-certified coaches adhere to strict ethical guidelines as part of ICF's mission to protect and guide consumers.

Qlick is also a recognised service provider for the SME portfolio and for Career Vouchers.


Anneliese Monden

Anneliese brings out the best in people. She does this with empathy, patience and persistence, without brushing aside the difficulties. Her personal approach transcends cultural differences to go straight to the core of any issue. From her legal background and experience with multinationals, she knows how difficult it is to be a leader who integrates knowledge with authenticity. Anneliese worked for several years for General Electric. She leads a colourful, international personal life. As a result, she has a worldly perspective that she is happy to incorporate in the personal development, coaching and training courses she offers. Along with Chantal, Anneliese was one of the pioneers of the concept of 3D Leadership. It is just one example of the inventive, innovative way in which she thinks about coaching.

Chantal Smedts

Chantal is a powerful woman who has a passionate take on life and is always happy to tackle a new challenge. She has the unique gift of responding perfectly to the wide range of human emotions. In her coaching and training courses, she begins with her own authenticity. Her approach is active, creative and result-oriented. The balance between the internal and the external is always essential for her. A business woman at heart, she is always looking to create new formulas for success. She has proven this on many occasions in the business world, having established a number of successful companies. Her big heart is clear in her commitment to various charities. Working with Anneliese, Chantal constantly breathes new life into the world of coaching and training.

Don't take it from us...

When I started my sessions I had a lot of questions about my own goals and how to guide others. It even became a frustration in some cases. The excellent tools which I got to know during my Qlick coachingsessions, truly gave me new ways to cope with difficult situations which used to be emotionally tough. From then on I was able to reframe it into something positive.

The most important lesson I definitely learned is that you should always think about the best way to give effective feedback and this universal technique works great! When you are struggling with some leadership skills and you find yourself at a breaking point, the coachingsessions will enlighten your spirit, resulting in new energy in your work and personal life. Therefore, I would highly recommend it to everybody.

I really want to thank Qlick for reviving my energy and enabling me to use it in the proper way, by supplying simple but very useful tools that will last a lifetime.
Ardy Doelen
Sales and business development manager, Polyscope
“Anneliese and Chantal have an interactive and pragmatic approach that really inspires people”
Anneliese and Chantal know how to engage and inspire a crowd. When addressing an audience of over 100 participants at our Mizbiz event on Leadership, they really managed to inspire, spark a conversation and send our members home with food for thought. Our members who attended Anneliese and Chantal’s workshop at our Leadership Event were very enthused by both the knowledge Anneliese and Chantal bring to the table, as well as their interactive and pragmatic approach. They understand the struggles and doubts people face on their professional path, and manage to show different angles to give people new directions and renewed energy. The combination of the corporate background of Anneliese and the entrepreneurial background of Chantal is a very valuable extra as this allows them to relate to all different challenges our varied group of Mizbiz members faces. We are very grateful to have these inspiring ladies support Mizbiz and look forward to many more occasions to cooperate in the future.
Noemi Blumberg
Co-founder and Board Member at Mizbiz
“It was soon clear that Anneliese’s experience as a coach and understanding of business life could help me to apply my spiritual wishes and insights to my role in daily life: as a father, husband and business leader. It’s amazing how Anneliese made a link with my inner voice and translated the messages into everyday ‘fieldwork’, at home and at work.”
Alain Van Echelpoel
“Chantal is an extraordinary coach, very supportive, inspirational and creative. Coaching sessions with her will change your life!”
Lucia Giovannini
BlessYou International
“Anneliese is a warm, powerful and insightful executive coach. In providing coaching for EBRD, she quickly grasped the essentials of the organisational culture and skilfully worked with me to help our clients, and the bank, extract the maximum benefit from the investment in coaching. Anneliese is attentive, precise and extremely professional: I truly enjoyed working with her and recommend her unreservedly.”
Stefano Olmeti
“Chantal is an excellent coach and trainer. She has brought our Belgian management team closer together over the course of five inspirational sessions. She has the gift of getting along with a group of people in an entertaining and interactive manner. She has the ability and audacity to take people out of their comfort zones and she does this with great respect for everyone’s personalities. She has raised our teamwork to a higher level.”
Dirk Andriaenssen

Anneliese Monden and Chantal Smedts are both certified coaches by the International Coach Federation.


  • Insights Discovery
  • Deeper Discovery
  • Emotional Intelligence (Hay Group ESCI and ECI)
  • NLP Master
  • Meta Coaching
  • Master Certified Coach
  • Supervision
  • Level A and Intermediate Level B in Occupational Testing
  • Change Acceptance Process
  • EFMD’s LINK-programma
  • Facilitation
  • Spiral Dynamics
  • Labyrinthwalk

Courses and trainings

  • Leadership development
  • Mindfulness
  • Neurosemantics
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Enneagram
  • Constellations
  • Coaching with emotion
  • Six Sigma
  • Systemcoaching