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Warm-hearted entrepreneurship

Corporate social responsibility: for Qlick, these are not hollow words, but a call to actively contribute to a better world. For people, the environment and society as a whole. We believe these good causes are more than worth the effort.

Malaika For Life

Every minute of every day, a child loses its life to malaria. Malaika For Life works together with women in Tanzania who make artistic bracelets. For every bracelet sold, Malaika For Life provides a child with much-needed malaria medication. The word ‘malaika’ means ‘angel’, and that is indeed the role the organisation plays. When you start a coaching trajectory with Qlick, you’ll receive a Malaika bracelet.

Altijd Vrouw

The non-profit organisation Altijd Vrouw (‘Always Woman’ in English) takes care of women who have, or have had, cancer. There is a demonstrable link between the external—feeling good—and the internal—the healing process. Altijd Vrouw helps patients to celebrate their femininity, during and after cancer. Chantal Smedts is the co-founder and chairperson of Altijd Vrouw. Visit the Facebook page.

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

Every year, Qlick heads to Phuket as part of our Retreat in Thailand courses. And this led to our awareness of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project. Every year, we adopt a gibbon to support this wonderful initiative. Why do these little apes need our support? The gibbons in Thailand face a lot of difficulties. They are cute and that makes them attractive to the tourist industry. Poachers take little gibbons away from their mothers and use them as attractions for tourists. The stress is often too much for the poor animals. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project rounds up abused apes, takes care of them and helps them return to the jungle.
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What happens if you put motivated people with completely different backgrounds together? You soon feel a click. Anneliese Monden and Chantal Smedts are proof that unexpected combinations lead to great results. Together, they started Qlick in 2007, offering recognised coaching, personal development and training courses with a fresh perspective.

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