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Is your Monday blue or orange?

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Is your Monday blue or orange?

Here we go again … Blue Monday; the day which Cliff Arnall, a British psychologist, declared to be the most depressing one of the year.

Arnall developed a formula that identified ‘Blue Monday’ as resulting from a combination of different factors such as accumulated debt after the holidays, bad weather, low motivation and decreased energy.

No point in denying it: just like last year, we’ve spent too much money, the sun has only shined for 9 hours this month, and our energy level is reaching rock bottom.

For me personally, the passing away of my father last month, really topped it all. So yes, I’m feeling blue …

Nevertheless, just like all of you, I have the option to choose which glasses I put on today. Shall I wear my blue glasses or do I go for orange?

This is how orange glasses would look like:

  • Accumulated debt? Let’s not forget: in Belgium, it is the start of the Sales period, hence THE opportunity to pick up great bargains.
  • Lousy weather? Ideal to stay indoors, catch up with family and friends over a candle light dinner, or read a book by the fireplace (or binge-watch a Netflix series!).
  • Low motivation or energy? So many animals are in hibernation now so what’s wrong with just moving a little bit slower?

No matter what colour glasses you decide to wear today, here are some extra tips to truly value your ‘Blue Monday’:

  1. If you have the blues it’s okay

 Winter is winter and having the blues is part of life.

  1. Enjoy the fresh air whenever you can

The darkest day is behind us and the days are getting longer. Don’t miss out on the small amount of daylight and make sure to step outside every day, even for a short while, even if it is raining.

  1. Bring out your piggy bank

A low bank account? Bring out your piggy bank! If you don’t have one, maybe now is a good time to get yourself one. Feed it with one or two euros every day or week and save up for something you really want.

  1. Colour your day

Just because it’s dark outside doesn’t mean that you should dress accordingly. Brighten up your outfit and stay away from black and grey. Cheerful colours do have a positive effect on your state of mind.

And above all: rest assured that Qlick respects your Monday, no matter the colour!