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Count your rainbows

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Count your rainbows

Yesterday, I saw an unbelievably beautiful rainbow. As the sun came through, the rainbow became brighter. My first instinct was to take pictures and so I did. And then I reminded myself: ‘Anneliese… stop taking pictures. Just enjoy the view, this is special…’

So I stopped and just looked. I saw how the bow became a full bow and how a second rainbow started to appear.

One of my father’s preferred sayings is ‘stand and stare’ or, as my parents have it in latin on a sign in their backyard, ‘in processu tempus mirandi’ (while you are moving, take the time to wonder).

All I could think about at first when I saw that rainbow, was to take many pictures whereas I only truly enjoyed the view when I stopped and really looked.

Many great things in life come for free. A rainbow is definitely one of those free gifts. I wish you may see many many rainbows in your life…