In a maze you can get lost, in a labyrinth you can only find yourself - Qlick

In a maze you can get lost, in a labyrinth you can only find yourself

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In a maze you can get lost, in a labyrinth you can only find yourself

Qlick strongly believes in innovative coaching approaches. The Qlick labyrinth is a unique concept for a workshop which offers you a different approach to bring you closer to your own core.

Symbolism of the labyrinth

The history of building labyrinths goes back more than 4500 years. Their intriguing pattern appears in rock paintings, on old vases and as decoration in palaces and churches. It symbolizes death and rebirth, a new beginning or transition to a new phase in life, fertility, a spiritual journey, … Winding your way through its symmetrically shaped path, creates new connections between the right- and left brain, thus leading to deep and meaningful insights.

Coaching in the labyrinth

Qlick constructed a classical labyrinth in its garden, in the middle of the green woods of Kapellen. Similar to a traditional labyrinth, you enter it from the edge, and slowly find your way towards the center. How you get there, the choices you make along the way and your ultimate goal: these are questions you can ask yourself while walking. Although different for everyone, the symbolism of the journey always has a strong impact.

Internationally renowned

Anneliese and Chantal use the labyrinth in personal coaching as well as in workshops for teams aiming to finetune their company mission. The method is innovative and unique in the coaching field. A well known English magazine, Coaching At Work , even dedicated an article on the subject.

Participants’ reactions

Coachees who enter the Qlick labyrinth, leave it altered and enriched. Some testimonials:

“The workshop has given me better insights on what is really important to me, how I experience the world and what I aim for.  Walking the labyrinth has created order in the chaos” – Kathleen

“What an experience! You ask yourself a question and enter the labyrinth. I for one questioned whether I could manage three projects and if this would make me happy. My walk through the labyrinth was intense, but very educational. I now know that I have to focus on my goal, never to assume what others think, to accept help and basically just be happy.” – Ingrid

“I was a bit reluctant towards using the labyrinth. But once I entered, I could let go of my own complex way of thinking. I found serenity and that makes me hopeful.” – Anthony

A walk through the labyrinth: a wonderful methaphor. When you welcome the experience, you will meet yourself on the way to your center.