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Be Your Own Leader

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Anneliese Monden and Chantal Smedts are on a mission: to maximize people's potential by inspiring them to connect to their true self.

It’s only when our being and our actions match perfectly that we can be true to ourselves and successful at the same time, both professionally and personally.


For some, Personal coaching may seem too big a stretch. In order to allow everybody to benefit from their insights, Anneliese and Chantal wrote ‘Be your own leader’, a practical book with lots of tips and examples, that can act as an incentive to discover more about yourself.

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Not such a reader? Or you’ve just finished the book and you’re ready to take action? Our Be your own leader – improvisation workshop is an ideal start from which you will derive 5 actual growtips for yourself. Especially recommended if you’re struggling with questions like who am I, what do I really want, what are my strengths.

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Basic training

Would you like to know what it means to lead your life to the fullest? Through a series of simple, basic exercises and coachingmodels, the Be Your Own Leader – Basic Training will help you discover how to do this.

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Deeper development training

You participated in the workshop or you read the book? Then you’re ready for the Be your own leader – deeper development training. Also for organisations willing to support team members in their quest for personal leadership. Especially recommended for autonomous teams as they require members who are not afraid to take up responsibilities and wanting to develop personal leadership.

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The improvisation workshop, the basic and the deeper development training are for individuals as well as for teams. If the latter is the case, we will tailor our improvisation workshop or deeper development training to meet the needs and requests of your team and organization.


Free guide ‘Be your own leader’

Discover how you can take back and retain control of your life and develop a higher resilience. A way to become more successful  both professionally and personally.

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How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

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How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

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No one smiles their way through every day. But if you feel good about yourself, you can come pretty close.

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