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Training and Facilitation Skills

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Discover the essential ingredients of a successful training or meeting and strengthen your skills to guide a group through change.

Develop your training and facilitation skills

A facilitator takes the role of an independent and objective third party in a meeting, training, workshop or other event that requires extra process knowledge and guidance to accelerate a successful outcome.

In this one-day training, we guide participants throughout the different phases of this process and equip them with the tools and methodologies to become a successful facilitator.

Participants get the chance to present a case from their own working experience, upon which they will receive feedback from the team.

During this training you will switch role between observer, participant and facilitator.

Something for you?

You’ve just started as a trainer or you have some experience and want to master the basics of facilitation skills with extra input around didactic and trainer skills.

You are an experienced facilitator/trainer eager to refresh the basics.

You want to improve and practice your facilitation skills in English.

You have a role which requires guiding teams and facilitating meetings or events.

No experience or prior knowledge is required.

What you will learn

  • Understanding the difference between training and facilitation
  • Difference between content and process with focus of the facilitator on the process
  • The different phases of facilitation: pre – during – after the actual training or event
  • Techniques and tools to use during all these different phases
  • Prevention and intervention techniques
  • To build up confidence and find your own facilitation style
  • To gradually improve your own facilitation style and strengths through the incorporation of feedback.


The training is held at Qlick, Kasteeldreef 38, B – 2950 Kapellen.

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