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Farewell, grief and loss

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Our society is primarily oriented towards success, targets, hard labor, never giving up, achieving something in life. Saying goodbye to, feeling sad about, grieving over, etc. are situations we’d rather not think of or we’re not sure of how to deal with them.
You cannot process grief, you can only ’edit’ it in order to make it bearable.

Also in business, we come in contact with farewell, grief and loss. What about the announcements of the passing away of family or friends of your coworkers, or even of a colleague himself? Does grief gets its place in your company?

In companies we’re confronted with farewell and loss on three levels:

  1. Loss in the private sphere and its effect on the job
  2. Loss at work and its effects on private and work life
  3. Loss of work

What can Qlick do for you and your employees in this area?

  • training on principles and theories on how to cope with grief and loss.
  • advice for development of vision, strategy and procedures in times of change and the associated resistance and psychological impact on employees.
  • personal counseling in difficult grieving processes, in the event of death as well as at other occasions when loss is experienced (health, work, function, divorce, a move, …)

Something for you?

As HR-associate, manager of a team or counselor in your company, you’re always looking for a way to detect signals from colleagues or even a whole team and to inform or assist them in an appropriate manner.

You’ve been personally affected by grief, are feeling lost in a new corporate structure, your recent divorce makes it hard for you to concentrate on work, … and now you’re looking for someone to help you sort things out.

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Something for your team?

Perhaps your company has just gone through a reorganization that really shook up all teams. Or you’ve taken over another organisation and want to integrate the different cultures.

Maybe your core business is to support and deal with people who grieve and your team is looking for a way to cope with this empathetically and professionally while not being overwhelmed by emotions.

Depending on the specific needs within your company, we will offer you a training or a coaching trajectory.

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