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In the first instance, you wouldn’t link ‘playing’ to a business meeting, except perhaps as warming-up for a thinktank session. Nevertheless, Lego© is increasingly present in a professional context. Discover how Lego© Serious Play© leads to more creative thinking with surprising results.
Interesting to experience how much information we gather by ‘thinking with our hands’. Moreover, it was a wonderful day for my team, with room to discuss even the more difficult matters. Afterwards we felt stronger as ever as a team.

Lego© Serious Play© (LSP©) is a proven method to involve all team members in a thinking process concerning topics relevant to the company.

Eighty percent of the human brain is connected to the hands. Lego© Serious Play© encourages people to ‘think with their hands’.

Auditive, visual and kinesthetic stimuli challenge the participants to approach the subject from a different, original angel and to activate their imagination. They learn to communicate more efficiently and to carry out their work with more selfconfidence, devotion and insights.

The process gradually builds up in a structured manner. By asking questions, a certified LSP©-facilitator, will guide the group from individual, small presentations, towards a clear, well integrated model reflecting both problem and solution.

We work with Lego© that has been especially designed to communication channels, connections and relational and organizational elements. This leads to the use of a metaphorical language, pointing out even the most difficult and sensitive matters in an easy and objective manner.

Something for your team?

Lego© Serious Play© is to be experienced in team. Especially complex questions and cross-departmental problems are rewarding subjects. It’s also very beneficial for teams consisting of a wide variety of thinkers, doers, introvert and extravert personalities.

Possible applications:

  • strategy and vision development
  • organisational development
  • innovation and product development
  • change Management.

Anneliese explains the possible impact of Lego© Serious Play© 


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“We found our team building more trust and we got difficult topics out in the open”
Head of talent management EMEA
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