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Mountain Leadership Retreat Suisse

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Join us on a six day leadership journey in the inspiring surroundings of Lago Maggiore and Monte Gambarogno (Ticino, CH)

Mountain Leadership Retreat Suisse

The recent years have clarified that we cannot solve our most pressing challenges by doing more of the same. However, many leaders experience a disconnect between their awareness for the need for change and their capacity to act.

We believe that building the capacity to transform the status quo may well be the number one leadership challenge of our time and that ‘walking’ your path with this question may be the link to restore the disconnect between your knowing, feeling and acting.

Download here the Mountain Leadership Brochure

Why you should join us:

 Our premise is that strengthening your personal leadership will fuel the transformation of your self, your business and society. Our ambition is to:

  • Bring together leaders committed and connected to profound change
  • Provide a framework for transformational leadership
  • Exposure to the mountains and nature as source of wisdom, power and energy
  • Enabling time and space for critical observation, reflection and action planning
  • Share valuable methodologies to use as guidance for inner transformation and sustainable action

2 Trainers with significant life and business experience:

1) Anneliese Monden is Master Certified Coach and co-founder of Qlick. With more than 20 years of experience, she works with leaders to search for the core of their identity and to align their work accordingly. Anneliese believes that transformation leadership starts by ‘walking’ your convictions and that combined leadership steps mobilize our collective capacity to act.

2) Alain Van Echelpoel has more that 20 years of experience as consultant and facilitator in health innovation programs from industry to academic and consumer. He works amongst experts and leaders in the health industry and has questioned many times what it would take to shift our health system towards a more preventive and sustainable model. Bringing innovation and sustainability together in future health practices and healthy organizations is Alain’s purpose.

Your commitment

  • Work with intention on your personal leadership challenges and associated health and energy levels
  • Sharpen and/or incubate your planned initiative or project for improving the health of your company (health sustainability)
  • Pay forward this approach and experience to your team, organization or network


Timing:           to be defined

Location:        San Nazzaro, Ticino, CH

Group:            5-8 participants

Hiking:            5-6 hrs hike/day for 4 days with backpack, adequate fitness level required

Lodging:         Retreat Lodge (3 nights) –  Mountain Refuge (3 nights)

Investment:   € 2.950 (excl. VAT)

Included:        Workshops, individual coaching, 3D-leadership assessment; lodging and full board

Download here the Mountain Leadership Brochure


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