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Your problem addressed with a tailored response. Personal coaching is the most intensive and productive manner of working on yourself. You quickly acquire insights and turn your goals into decisive actions. As accomplished personal coaches, we are your reliable ally for achieving lasting results.
I had already known Chantal for a while; we met each other on a few different occasions, at several joint activities. Chantal immediately impressed me with her direct and refreshing approach. This is why I asked her for coaching on an apparently concrete question about my own ambition and the company strategy taken by my organisation.

You’ll move ahead in leaps and bounds as you learn to respond to challenges in areas such as:

  • your personal growth as an individual and as a leader;
  • your communication with others;
  • developing more balance in your life;
  • difficult decision-making processes;
  • taking important steps in your career;
  • collaborating with a team;
  • dealing with loss and grief.

The return on investment from personal coaching is irrefutable. Companies that coach their employees experience higher productivity, more self-confidence and a better work-life balance. This positivity radiates around the entire organisation.

But personal coaching is first and foremost an investment in yourself. You consciously choose personal development, balance and insight. As a result, you become a better entrepreneur, leader or businessperson, and a happier individual.

Qlick follows the ethics code of the International Coach Federation.

Something for you?

The fact that you’re reading this shows you’re open to personal growth. A coaching trajectory with Qlick lasts only half a year. You start with an intake interview in which we analyse what you would like to—and are able to—achieve over the course of your personal coaching trajectory. We spend ten hours on the trajectory, with you deciding for yourself exactly how long a single session will last.

Something for you or one of your employees?

Are you looking for a personal coach for one of your employees? First, we examine the goals of the company with you, discussing the changes you expect on the work floor. We then start working with your employee—the coachee—and examine their personal goals. Sometimes we supplement the discussion with a 360-interview; it’s also important to understand how others perceive the talents and abilities of the coachee.

Everything said in a coaching session is considered to be completely confidential. If a coachee believes a topic or issue should be raised outside the session, we make clear agreements about what may and may not be communicated.


Location: in the training rooms at Qlick. Would you prefer online coaching? We offer that too!

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You don't have to take it from us...

When I started my sessions I had a lot of questions about my own goals and how to guide others. It even became a frustration in some cases. The excellent tools which I got to know during my Qlick coachingsessions, truly gave me new ways to cope with difficult situations which used to be emotionally tough. From then on I was able to reframe it into something positive.

The most important lesson I definitely learned is that you should always think about the best way to give effective feedback and this universal technique works great! When you are struggling with some leadership skills and you find yourself at a breaking point, the coachingsessions will enlighten your spirit, resulting in new energy in your work and personal life. Therefore, I would highly recommend it to everybody.

I really want to thank Qlick for reviving my energy and enabling me to use it in the proper way, by supplying simple but very useful tools that will last a lifetime.
Ardy Doelen
Sales and business development manager, Polyscope

‘In retrospect, it seems so simple ...

The solutions are often unstructured, somewhere far away in your head.

The coaching helped me to line them up and create order, to differentiate between the main goals and the secondary targets, to communicate them clearly to everyone involved. In short, to continue working on a more targeted approach …’

Lieve Stappers
Managing Director – vzw ZEBRA

Anneliese made me aware of what was already inside me. The warm talks, the understanding, the direction, the insight. It made me stronger and both my company and I became more peaceful. I think every company leader can benefit from such personal coaching. It’s a question of putting your ego aside and discovering your pure nature. It makes you grow, it makes you think, it makes you more aware – it puts a lot of things into motion. Leadership in these times is not easy if you want to do it in an open manner. With thanks to Anneliese’s coaching methods, this open leadership works better for me now than ever before. I believe you need to find the right coach, one who understands you and is on the same level. I found all this in Anneliese. I feel stronger, better about myself and have more insight. As a result, I can give the best of myself to my team and my family every day.

Micheline Aerts-Van de Voorde
CEO & Founder – Saisons/ Germaine de Capuccini

I had already known Chantal for a while; we met each other on a few different occasions, at several joint activities. Chantal immediately impressed me with her direct and refreshing approach. This is why I asked her for coaching on an apparently concrete question about my own ambition and the company strategy taken by my organisation. Following her advice, I developed an Insights Discovery profile. That delivered a recognisable but confrontational self-image. In a five-session coaching trajectory, I began to see that the solution was not to simply become even better at the things I was already good at. The development and recognition of new ways of ‘being’ and the expansion of my pallet of competencies would deliver better results. During the coaching, we explored the new possibilities and I was provided with a number of tools to help me work. Roaming the labyrinth was (despite my original doubts) a fantastic experience and a turning point in the process.

Five sessions made a world of difference. Thank you, Chantal.

Luc Borms
Director of the Competence Centre VDAB Flemish Brabant
I would like to share my experience of coaching sessions with Anneliese Monden which took place over almost a year period from 2017 to 2018.

At first I was rather skeptical about deeper benefits of such sessions as I was seeing them as mere tactical discussions on operational productivity topics such as improving time management or organizational skills.

We’ve started off the sessions with some rather basic tactical topics which, I thought, was what I needed the most. But quickly our discussions converged into deeper understanding of myself, Anneliese helped me to conceptualize my job roles & responsibilities and gave me the opportunity to discover the different levels of consciousness influencing on these topics. We’ve also run through the Identity Matrix which helped me to uncover my brand identity. We’ve also discussed my values & beliefs that are hindering me from fully being my brand. With the help of tools like the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (360° survey), Anneliese helped me to see clearer how ‘who I am’ should be the driving force behind ‘what I do’ in my career choices.

I truly enjoyed working on these coaching sessions with Anneliese. She’s been a great listener, a fast analyzer of complex issues and gifted with a strong intuition for spotting the true pain points. She knows how to put the coachee in a comfortable environment where difficult and deeply personal topics can be discussed in a safe way. She’s a great coach you know you can trust and her encounter will help you self-develop and become a better person in your professional field.
D.P., leader Europe, Middle East and Africa of a global organization
“I learned how to be a natural leader”
Anneliese was my ESCI (Emotional Intelligence) coach in 2018. She is an experienced coach. I learned a lot from her on how to be a natural leader with inspiration and empathy. She brought insights in my core values that define who I am. I believe that this will benefit my personal life as well as my career. 
S. X., Regional EHS Manager-East Asia of a global company Shanghai, China

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