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You need a little bit of stress to deal with every now and again: it helps you to meet deadlines and react quickly in a crisis. But most people aren’t made for constant stress. It leads to exhaustion, headaches or back pain, overexertion and burn-out. A dead-end street you absolutely must avoid.

The key to stress management? Look at your body and mind as an elastic band. They can be stretched when it’s really necessary. As soon as things settle down, the elastic band will return to its original shape. If you keep stretching it to its limits, it will lose its resilience and eventually break.

With the help of Doctor Herlinde Wynants and her book Gezond zijn is plezant (‘Being healthy is nice’ in English), Qlick looks for the source of your resilience. You learn about the symptoms and causes of your stress, and you’re given practical stress management tips to help you work on your resilience.

Something for you?

This workshop is bursting with practical stress management tips that you can immediately put into action by yourself. It’s ideal for everyone who feels the need for more resilience or who wants to understand how to rid themselves of stress.


The ‘Resilience’ training course is held in the Qlick Block.

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