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Only when you are well rooted, with the resilience to recharge yourself over and over again, can you develop your full potential as a leader. Those who remain true to themselves will find the energy to tackle each new day with impact. That is why Qlick organizes this unique seminar in Thailand where you will develop your personal leadership so that you can better stand your ground in this VUCA era.*
As the head of a company, I experienced this seminary as a beautiful travel into greater awareness.

Personal leadership starts from the assumption that leadership comes from a deep understanding of your own strengths and development areas.  Every entrepreneur has to deal with several external influences. This creates stress and tension which, in this rapidly changing world, causes many illnesses.

During this Engaging Leadership Retreat on the island of Phuket, you will come closer to yourself as a leader.

You will develop your talents and discover your strength as a leader. You will rediscover the importance of a healthy dose of resilience and return home with a clear action plan.

You are not only an entrepreneur, but also a partner, parent, son/daughter, friend, … All these roles influence each other and determine you as an individual. During the seminar we will examine how exactly this works for you and how you can seamlessly coordinate your public and private roles. Your profit? An increase in strength, self-confidence and awareness!

The six-day programme is designed to reconnect you with your effective and powerful leadership.

The programme

Six days of seminar with theory, exercises, reflection and lots of surprises. The island teaches us a lot about ourselves, which is why we often explore original places.

So you can count on:

  • Every morning an inspiring workshop, which resets both body and mind.
  • Supervision of 2 coaches and a health expert
  • Original excursions to get even more insights
  • The solidarity of the group

You can also extend your stay in Thailand. We will gladly give you more advice.

Something for you?

You will undoubtedly benefit from a retreat in Thailand, especially if you:

  • Want to take your leadership to the next level
  • Consciously want to deal with body and mind
  • Want to leave the hustle and bustle behind for a while in order to arrive at new insights
  • Want to take time for yourself to take new actions

What this can mean for you…

As an individual:

  • Getting the most out of your life
  • Releasing the ballast to allow for new things
  • Developing your personal leadership
  • Developing more resilience
  • Making conscious choices
  • Living in harmony with yourself

As an entrepreneur:

  • Getting to your full potential
  • (Again) getting in touch with your inner leader
  • Purifying your goal
  • Reflection time to unty knots
  • Take physical distance to bring you closer to your mission


Our next Leadership Retreat takes place in February & March 2022.

Thailand 1: from February 26 until March 5, 2022 (complete)

Thailand 2: from March 6 until March 13, 2022

Thailand 3: from March 14 until March 21, 2022

Participation fee for a 8-day seminar:


This seminar is eligible for funding through KMO-portefeuille

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(*) VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity

You don't have to take it from us...

“It's been an amazing week, filled with beauty, warm people and working on personal growth.”
Watch the video testimonial >
“As the head of a company, I experienced this seminary as a beautiful travel into greater awareness.”
“A great experience that gave me a lot of fresh insight!”
“I feel and know that, through this seminary, I’ve gained great self-awareness that I’ll soon be able to share with my fellow man. Our body asks for care and that has now become clear to me. A pure spirit in a pure body: lovely!”

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